Making Stretchy Rings

by on August 16th, 2010
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There can be a wide assortment of beads to choose from to help customize your ring such as shell, sparkling crystal, gemstone and faceted-glass among others. Since there are a variety of colors and styles of beads to choose from, you can easily use beads for your stretchy ring that coordinate with pieces of jewelry you already own.

Trim a piece of nylon stretch cord that is several inches long. You will only need around 2-inches for the ring, but this length will make it easier to work with and you can cut the excess off later. Nylon bead cord is an elastic cord that is quite versatile and durable.

Slide one crimp bead onto the end of the stretch cord and position it no less than 1 inch from the end of the cord. Crimp beads finish off a jewelry piece.

Push the 25 seed beads onto the stretch cord until the first one is flush against the crimp bead. Seed beads are small, round beads that resemble a doughnut. Use more or less seed beads on the ring according to the size of your finger.

Feed the second crimp bead onto the nylon cord. Thread the focal bead onto the cord. The focal bead should be a little larger and possibly a different color than the seed beads, so it stands out from the others. Push all the beads so they are flush against each other.

Grab the end of the cord that is closest to the focal bead and feed it into the opening in the first crimp bead, from the opposite direction, so it forms a ring.

Grasp the ends of the nylon cord in your fingers and pull it tight so the beads are flush against one another.

Close the ends of the crimp beads with crimping pliers to hold the beads in place.

Put the ring on. The elastic should not stretch too much when you put the ring. If it does, you should use 2 or 3 more rings next time to avoid putting too much stress on the elastic. However, the stretch cord should allow some give. Tips

If you get nylon bead cord wet, it will not damage or deteriorate it. This makes nylon cord a practical choice for creating a stretchy ring since hands can come into contact with water. Use beads that are small and flat to make a ring. If the beads are large and stick out, it could make wearing the ring uncomfortable.


Nylon stretch cord
25 size 11 seed beads
One focal bead, 6 mm to 8 mm
Two crimp beads
Crimping pliers

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