Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison Diet

by on March 7th, 2015
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After her gig as a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig Diet, actress Kirstie Alley founded her own weight loss program called Organic Liaison. Participants sign-up online and adhere to a diet regime that consists of organic food and five different supplements. The Organic Liaison Diet starts dieters off with a Rescue Me Kit which includes a one-month supply of all the supplements they must take in order to follow the program.

Organic Liaison promotes the use of their trademark supplements as vital to weight loss. According to the company website these supplements are designed to support the body in shedding pounds through detox, metabolic support, and appetite reduction. The different supplements are named: Rescue Me (for detoxification and improved energy), Release Me (to maintain pH balance and remove toxins), Nightingale (a sleep aid), and Relieve Me (a laxative for colon cleansing). Organic Liaison also sells Pagoda green tea which contains caffeine. Caffeine acts like a stimulant and may increase the amount of calories a person’s metabolism burns in a day. None of these supplements have been evaluation by the FDA for accuracy.

The Organic Liaison diet uses online tools and recipe suggestions to count calories. An online buddy system is recommended to stay focused on doing the system. Exercise is also included in a daily regiment but no specific workouts are prescribed. The main feature of the eating plan is for participants to consume organic food which encourages a lifestyle change. Throughout the day dieters must take supplements during meal times. A typical eating plan is up to the dieter but they must select a recipe from the Organic Liaison website for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack times. The site also allows users to download a shopping list to aid dieters in following recipes. Kirstie Alley emphasizes that this is not a diet but an organic lifestyle.

Some of the advantages of Organic Liaison is that the diet is designed for men and women. The program is easy to follow for people familiar with online tools who enjoy keeping track of their progress on a daily basis. Most of the fees are reasonable and dieters can choose from a month-to-month plan or a more deluxe long-term membership. The cyber diet-buddy system can also help people stay committed to their weight loss goals with someone despite a hectic schedule. The disadvantage of the Organic Liaison diet is that the change to organic eating may be too drastic for some people. Another detractor is that organic food costs more to purchase so dieters may find that paying fees to the program, buying supplements, and shopping for organic ingredients is too expensive for their budget.

Kirstie Alley has been reported to have lost 100 pounds in the last year and still advocates Organic Liaison. Time will tell if she keeps the weight off with her own diet plan.

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