Is the Ebook “Natural Perfect Vision” a Ripoff or Does it Really Work?

by on July 30th, 2014
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Most people think that we don’t have any control over our eye vision. The most common train of thought is that you’re either born with good vision or you wear glasses most of your life, and somewhere in your 40’s or 50’s, your vision gets worse just because it’s supposed to.

I’m in my late 40’s and have always had good vision. Somewhere in my youth, I went to a class and a side part of the class was to do eye exercises. I don’t know why, but I’ve always done the exercises. Our eyes are kind of like our bodies. It’s obvious that people who exercise are much healthier than those that don’t. Eyes need exercise as there are muscles involved. As a parent and a wife, I often catch myself lecturing my husband and my son about doing eye exercises after a day on the computer.

In the past month or so my vision has started to get really blurry. My husband and my son have complained about this happening, too. In desperation I ordered the “Natural Perfect Vision” e-book. It costs $49 and can be downloaded immediately and includes many extra bonuses. The book is setup in a simple and easy to understand way addressing various concerns with very specific solutions. It gives some great exercises for relieving stress, strengthening the eyes and more. Some of the exercises I already do and others I will be adding to my list.

One of the sections addresses food and how it affects your vision. It talks about how fried foods, alcohol and other things can negatively affect your vision. The one that caught my attention was that it said any oil but Olive Oil can negatively affect your vision. The reason that this statement is important for me is that I had changed to a less expensive cooking oil in the past two months, and it’s been in that time period that my vision has gotten bad. The entirety of this country has been somehow told that food doesn’t affect one’s health. The newest mindset is that you can eat whatever it is that you want and it doesn’t affect your health.

It’s only been a short while since I changed back to my regular oil, which meant going from Canola oil (bad) to Rice bran oil (good). Even though the author recommended Olive Oil, I’ve found Rice bran oil to be very good. It can be purchased in most Oriental stores.

My vision is already less blurry from eliminating canola oil, and I’m feeling very positive results from both the oil and from the new eye exercises that are in the ebook. This was a really good purchase and I’d recommend purchasing the “Natural Perfect Vision” e-book. Please check back as I will continue writing about the results from the “Natural Perfect Vision” ebook.
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