Is it Painful to Have a Cervical Polyp Removed?

by on January 3rd, 2011
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A cervical polyp is a soft jelly-like bump on the cervix. Some women find it through self examination, but it is most often discovered during a routine pap smear. It can cause bleeding between periods and during sexual intercourse, and in rare cases it can become infected. Most are painless and benign, but many doctors prefer to remove them as a precautionary measure. It is usually a very quick and easy procedure, and I recently experienced it firsthand.

My Personal Experience

I had a small cervical polyp. It was not painful, and it did not bleed or ever become infected. It was discovered during a routine pap exam, and although my doctor did not consider it a threat to my health, she suggested having it removed by a gynecologist. I wanted to have it removed since it was not supposed to be there in the first place.

I had trouble finding firsthand information on having a cervical polyp removed. I found a few message board posts, but they were not enough to thwart my fears and concerns. Although everyone is different, I hope that my account of the procedure will be particularly helpful for those that are facing polyp removal and wondering if it is a painful procedure.

Causes and Painful Concerns

When I found out that I had a cervical polyp, I tried to locate as much information as possible. First of all, I wondered what caused it. Both of my doctors said the cause is unknown. It is the luck of the draw, and I was an unlucky host. I also wondered if having it removed would be painful. Since the information I happened upon was greatly lacking, I was still not convinced that it would not be a painful experience.

I did not know if the doctor I was referred to would remove the cervical polyp on my initial visit. I hoped that she would since I wanted to get it over with. I was still wondering if it was painful to have a cervical polyp removed, and even though I did not plan on running away if it was, I prodded the nurse for a little information. She said that it was not painful, and it would not be necessary to use anesthetic or anything else to deaden the area. I wondered how that could be possible. After all, it was attached to what I thought was a sensitive part of my body.

The Root of the Problem

In addition to asking the nurse, I asked the doctor if it would be painful to have a cervical polyp removed. She also said that it would not be painful, and she explained why. The root of a cervical polyp does not have a nerve. She said that it would be more uncomfortable than painful. She compared the feeling of having it removed to brushing the hair. The doctor said that it would feel like tugging and pulling, but without pain.

How it Feels to Have a Cervical Polyp Removed

The doctor was right. After assuming the position, the doctor pulled out the cervical polyp and clipped it off at the root. Having it removed was not painful at all. I felt the pulling that the doctor described, and before I knew what had happened, she had clipped it away. Stitches were not required, but she had to apply a solution to stop the bleeding. It was not painful either.

How the Cervical Polyp Looked After Removal

The doctor asked if I wanted to see the cervical polyp that she had removed. I was curious. It was in a small clear container in a solution that had been slightly tinged by blood. It looked like a red fleshy spot that was about the size of a pea, and it was connected to what looked like fatty material.

Although a cervical polyp is not usually cancerous, it will be sent to a lab for a biopsy. I will return to the doctor for a follow up visit in about two weeks. The doctor will go over the results of the biopsy. More than likely the results will be normal and I will heal without cause for concern. In any case, it is necessary to have a follow up exam. It is important to make sure that the wound healed properly.

Source: Personal Experience and Information from N.P. Billie Black and Dr. Katrina Lee

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