Is Danbury Connecticut Cancelling Halloween?

by on January 27th, 2011
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Just after this October nor’easter, there remains much cleaning up to do. I am from an adjacent suburb of New York City and even though I don’t live there anymore, I still have family there. I also realized I am subscribed to the Mayor of Danbury (Mark Boughton ) on Facebook as well as a few Danbury area related pages.

On my news thread then it was with some shock and awe that I came across the following update: ” Danbury is cancelling Halloween due to all the downed wires. Not safe for pedestrian traffic. It’s probably an unpopular call, but it’s the right one to make. Good leadership as always Mayor Mark D. Boughton .”

This post was from one of the mayors subscribers but I’d heard it rumoured elsewhere as well. As of the time of this writing I can’t find any verification of this on any reputable news service but if it is true, it’s bound to hit soon enough.

I could not imagine having Halloween cancelled. This is something that kids look forwards to every year. While the snowfall totals were impressive in Danbury CT (between 13.5-15 inches depending on whose totals you’re going by) this is still something that I can’t imagine having happened.

Then again something on the order of a million Connecticut Light & Power customers are in the dark and the Metro North trains aren’t running from NYC to Danbury or back. Still, I wondered, what are people going to do?

My cousin Christina who lives in an adjacent town to Danbury , Bethel Connecticut, has three kids; all of whom are trick-or-treating age and all of whom are likely going to be really miffed if they can’t go out and raid the neighbors candy treasure troves.

If this news is true and Halloween is cancelled in Danbury Connecticut, I wonder how people are reacting to this? How are your kids taking this news? Are you going to go out anyway? Or are you all just huddling together, thankful for your safety, and hoping that the power comes back on sometime soon?


https://www. facebook .com/ MayorMarkBoughton

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