Is Anyone Else as Mad as I Am About Baby Lisa?

by on February 5th, 2011
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I have just finished an article about Lisa Irwin. After writing it, I find myself so angry. When I think of that little precious baby girl, out there somewhere, and her parents too exhausted to help police, I could scream. I have never gone to law school, nor have I ever read anthing that has to do with a defense attorney and what type of ethics they are suppose to have. I suspect that I could not find an article like that. If I could, I would love to fax a copy to both attorneys. I know Cyndy Short is gone, and in thinking about it, it would not be ethics I would send her. I would send her anything I could find on “How Not To Make Your Clients Appear Heartless and Guilty”. I would hope it would have a section on Tell The Public Your Clients Have Chicken Pox, tell them your clients are space aliens and have gone back to the mothership, tell the public anything but, that they are exhausted. She might have well as said, ” Look, we are in no hurry, we know where Lisa is, the longer we prolong this, the longer my client can stay out of prison”. In my 56 years I have seen some things but this is nothing short of amazing. I would also remind Ms. Short to remember that the two boys probably would not have had a problem, if they would have been allowed to be re-interviewed the first time the police wanted them to. It’s not the police, it was the momma and daddy who were responsible for the delay.
I watched Judge Jeanine, for the first time, Friday night. I got in on the middle of it. The private investigator Bill Stanton was a guest. He floored me when he said that he could not see how Deborah Bradley could have done it. I am beginning to feel like a genius, and believe me, that is a far fetched notion. When I think that a man who makes a living investigating things, would even say that, it just kinda makes you wonder. I wanted to yell at the television, Bill, hun, look up the words alcoholic blackout, after that, watch the tape where Deborah Bradley says she could have been in a blackout, then listen to her when she says she could not have hurt Lisa, beause she does not think alcohol can change people enough to make them do something like that. Key words here, Bill would be “Something Like That” Something like what, It implies that she knows what happened to Lisa, a normal person might have said I do not believe alcohol changes a person enough to forget if you harmed your child. Seriously, think about it. Like what? She is not talking about a stranger coming in and taking Lisa, she is talking about herself. Get it now Bill? Then she tells reporters that the family is grieving. You might be hurting, destroyed, but if your child is missing and your not sure what has happened, why would you grieve? The mystery man could be the answer to it all, he could be someone she called when she discovered that Lisa was dead. Seeing a dead baby would probably be enough to shock someone out of a blackout or she could have stayed in the blackout, done what she needed to do to get Lisa out of there, and then went to sleep until Jeremy got home.
I am a recovering alcoholic and I have had blackouts, I have driven when I was in a blackout. It is not what the name implies, your not asleep, your wide awake and going about whatever you were doing. Sometimes its the next morning when you remember what you have done, sometimes it comes back in bits and pieces. But you are acting like there is no problem, you do not know you are in a blackout, you just are. So it is very possible she harmed Lisa while in a blackout. I could not say that you may not remember at all, because if I were in a blackout and did not remember, I would not remember.
When I first heard about this, I felt so sorry for her and when I saw the detectives trying to go through the window that had been tampered with, I scoffed. Yeah the police were just making it look hard. But when she said she was drunk, that she put Lisa to bed at 6:30, that she could have had a blackout, and the “like that” wording in her statement, I started having doubts. Truth is, being a recovering alcoholic, I could have felt sorry for her if she would have been honest all along.
If by some act of the Lord, and I think it would take one, that it is proven a stranger did take Lisa, I will apologize all over myself. I think that pigs will be trying to avoid airplanes before that happens. I wish I thought she were innocent, its just too much evidence, the poor choices of wording, and the being exhausted, when the police, so badly need your help to find your daughter.”
I think its time for the fat lady to sing. Deborah needs to be honest with everyone around her and herself. This is not going to go away and if they do find someone who had Lisa, believe me, they will sing like a bird against her. So, talk now and get it over with, your only prolonging your families pain.

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