Ideas for Furnishing and Decorating an Open Country Kitchen

by on November 14th, 2010
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An open kitchen looks and feels incredibly spacious, but a big country kitchen is not necessarily designed with efficiency in mind. Empty space is wasted space, especially when the layout is less than ideal. Cabinetry and built-ins are costly, but it is important to make the best choices to avoid wasting time and money. Use my ideas for furnishing and decorating an open country kitchen, and make the most of your living space. I came up with the following layout and decorating plans when furnishing and decorating my great aunt’s open country kitchen, and it turned out to be the kitchen of her dreams.

Create Activity Zones to Make the Most of your Open Country Kitchen

My great aunt was completely lost when trying to come up with ideas on furnishing and decorating her open country kitchen. Some of what she had would not work in the new home, and she was lacking other items to sufficiently furnish the space. It was considerably larger than the tiny galley kitchen in her former home.

The first suggestion I made was to determine zones for specific activities. The cabinets and countertops had not yet been chosen or installed. The room was nothing more than a dry walled space with rough plumbing. I helped her draw a diagram with specific zones for food preparation, cabinets and more. Although she had a little trouble envisioning the results, I was able to describe what she would end up with to her satisfaction.

Consider a Long Peninsula with the Sink on the End

When trying to come up with ideas for furnishing and decorating an open country kitchen, consider a long peninsula with the sink on the end instead of on one side. This was a great space saving option in my great aunt’s open country kitchen. The remainder of the island peninsula would be used for storage and food preparation. The sink was out of the way on one end unlike the typical layout where the sink would not get in the way when serving a buffet-style meal. She loved having the sink on the end instead of in the middle where it would have split the countertop into two sections. The plumbing had to be rerouted, but it was worth it in the end.

Make Use of a Stylish Pot Rack Over the Food Prep Area

One of my great aunt’s requests was a handy storage place for pots and pans. Her open country kitchen had plenty of cabinet space, but stacking pans is not a good idea since they end up precariously piled on a shelf while taking up valuable room. I suggested a stylish pot rack. She was afraid it would be too high to reach, but we selected one that was suspended on adjustable chains. Not only could she easily find and reach every pot and pan that she owned, but the style of the rack also added to the decorating scheme of her open country kitchen.

Create a Built-In Dining Area with L-Shaped Bench Seating

When furnishing and decorating an open country kitchen, consider an alternative to a standard table and chair set. Create a dining zone with L-shaped bench seating and standard chairs. I suggested a custom set for my great aunt, and she loved the idea. It made her open country kitchen feel cozier. She loved to entertain, and it provided the ideal seating arrangement for family and friends.

My great aunt enjoyed the process of furnishing and decorating her open country kitchen, and I enjoyed helping her come up with a design that would best suit her needs. Take the time to look around and draw up a plan instead of going with basic design ideas drawn up by a builder. Do not line the walls with furnishings and decor while wasting the space in the center of the room. Make the most of your open country kitchen as my great aunt did. You can have your dream kitchen too!

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating Experience

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