Ideas for Creating a Communication Center in the Kitchen

by on February 15th, 2015
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A communication center is where family members can communicate and keep track of important dates. It can include a desk and a chair, or it can be comprised of a chalkboard or a dry erase board. Some message centers are stylish and clever and can be used as a part of the decorating scheme. Find out how I created a communication center in my kitchen, and make a versatile message board that everyone can use.

Dedicate a Space for Communication

Posting notes on a calendar, on the fridge or even on a door does not always work. Family members sometimes miss the notes. They are often overlooked, or they can fall to the floor. In any case, better options for non-verbal communication exist.

I set up a communication center in my kitchen, and I chose a dedicated space. Every family member knew to check the communication center each day for instructions, requests or simple notes. It worked out great since it eliminated the need to check countertops and other typical places where notes are found.

Create a Vintage Message Board with an Old-Fashioned Paned Door

Creating a communication center in a kitchen is easy with an old-fashioned paned door, especially if it matches the style of the space. My master bedroom was outfitted with a beautiful glass-paned door. It had a lot of charm, but it offered very little privacy. I used the door in my old-fashioned kitchen as a unique and stylish communication center.

Instead of going through the hassle of removing the panes of glass, I measured one of the rectangular panes of glass and had the chalkboard material cut into ten equal pieces. I glued them in place over the glass using strong epoxy. After the epoxy dried, my family and I began using our stylish new kitchen communication center. It looked great, and we never missed meetings, appointments, notes or simple messages again.

Fit a Cabinet with Cork Panels

If a vintage door will not coordinate with the style of the kitchen, fit a cabinet with cork. Buy cork tiles, and trim them to fit the center of an exterior or interior kitchen cabinet door. Use strong wood glue to apply the tiles if you would like a permanent communication center on a kitchen cabinet door. Use double-sided foam tape for easy removal, if desired. A little citrus oil and a soft rag will take the adhesive right off. Be sure to have a dozen or more pushpins available for posting notes, business cards, pictures and anything else that you or your family members want to share.

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