How to Pick Up Your Vietnam Visa on Arrival at the Ho Chi Minh Airport

by on June 25th, 2011
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It’s easy pick up your Vietnam visa on arrival at the Ho Chi Minh City international airport. This is the second and last step for getting your Vietnam visa on arrival. If you want to know how to apply for your Vietnam visa on arrival, read my article “How to Get a Vietnam Tourist Visa .”

Things You Need: You need to have 4 things to process your Vietnam visa on arrival at the Ho Chi Minh City International Airport: one letter in Vietnamese with an official stamp on it, a list with your name on it, two passport size photos and the processing fee. The visa processing company will probably also supply the application form. You can pick up the application form at the airport, but it’s easier to have it filled out before you get there. The visa on arrival line gets long quickly as many passengers from your flight probably want one too. If you take the time to fill out the application form you will end up at the back of the line. Bring your own pen.

On Arrival: The amount of the processing fee depends on the duration of your visa. When I was there it cost in USD $25 for a one-month visa, $50 for a three-month visa and $100 for a six-month visa. Get off the plane and walk quickly past the other foreigners or you will be waiting in line behind them. You will enter a large passport control room. On the far left wall is the visa on arrival office. Go to the window and hand them your passport, the two papers and the two passport photos. Take a seat and wait for them to call your name – with a strong Vietnamese accent.

Customs: Once your name is called, go up to the window and pay the fee. The visa on arrival people give you your passport back and it has a beautiful full-page sticker inside which is your visa. Now you can go to one of the many passport lines and hand them your passport. You get a stamp and you are on your way. One of the cool things about traveling to Vietnam is there are no customs forms – other than the visa thing.

BTW: So, while I was there one woman did not have USD but has Singapore dollars and the visa on arrival people let her pay that way. I saw one foreign girl crying because she did not have the piece of paper with the names on it, but I don’t know what happened to her.

Reference: Vietnam Embassy USA: Consular Services

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