How to Make Quick Repairs on Halloween Costumes

by on December 3rd, 2013
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Halloween costumes can be fragile. After all, they are designed with one night of the year in mind. What do you do if they fall apart on that one important night? Here are some how to repair ideas.

1. Staple it.

Stapler, anyone? Okay not your first line of thinking for fabric. But in a pinch, it will hold two pieces of fabric together. You can wear the stapled costume now and save the sewing for later.

2. Duct tape it.

Duct Tape gives new meaning to the term all-purpose. It is flashy, it is silvery and it holds. Use it!

3. Lace it.

Is your costume too small? Cut the costume down the back. Thread thin ribbon or yarn through a yarn needle and loosely sew a crisscross. If you are not quite sure how to proceed, get out your tennis shoe and look at your shoelace for a sample of crisscross lacing. Now find a shirt to wear underneath your costume and you are set.

If a sleeve or other part of your costume is coming off, use yarn and a yarn needle to stitch it back on. Make big stitches and in no time you will have it decoratively sewn together.

4. Tie it.

Tie it on. Whatever it is. Wherever it fell from. Just tie it back on. Use a bathrobe belt, a shoelace, whatever you have handy to reattach the costume part. Similarly, tie ripped parts of your costume back together. Knots at the bottom of your shirt to cover a rip may even add extra flair to your costume.

5. Pin it.

Invest in safety pins. They are small and can be carried with you for on the go costume alterations. Safety pins can fix many costume problems – bunch the costume up to change the look or size, hold a piece in just the right place and easily and securely reattach loose parts.

6. Cover it.

Drape extra fabric over the costume to cover costume flaws or stains.

7. Distract from it.

Wear something underneath your costume that matches the coloring of the costume so a hole or rip in the costume will be less noticeable. Use markers to add bold highlights or details to your costume, making parts of the costume more noticeable and overshadowing the mishaps you wish would not have happened.

After Halloween night is over, you may want to more fully repair a reusable costume. But these fix-it solutions will get you through Halloween night minimizing your costume-related Halloween frights!

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