How to Get Online EMT Training

by on July 9th, 2010
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Becoming an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) is a noble and exciting career choice. You can make a difference in people’s lives and potentially save lives alongside your EMT partners. But becoming a full fledged EMT requires much study and training. You can begin your journey to becoming an EMT online but keep in mind that you’ll need real world training and experience in addition to online coursework and training.

Your journey to become an EMT begins with basic level training and certification. You’ll want to check with local colleges, community colleges, private for profit schools, and career training locations. Choose one that is accredited by the state you want to work in and choose one that offers some online education options.

Register for courses and complete as much of the online requirements as possible. Consider taking as many courses as possible on site at the school. Hands-on in person training is invaluable.

When your basic coursework and training is finished you’ll need to take the basic state exam. Contact your state’s licensing board for more details. If you pass the exam you’ll become an EMT-B, also known as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician. At that point you’ll be able to job hunt for work at a private emergency service, fire department, or ambulance squad. In some cases you might need to work as a volunteer to gain more experience.

After 12 to 24 months working as an EMT-B you can take additional tests and additional coursework to move up to EMT-I (Intermediate EMT). Again, you’ll need to check the state licensing board for information on requirements for this move up the EMT chain.

Work an additional 1 to 2 years as an EMT-I and sign up and apply for paramedic school to become a full fledged EMT-P, also known as a Paramedic. These programs can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 and in some cases your current employer might be willing to pay for some of the training. Be prepared to spend at least 18 months in paramedic school with much of the time spent riding on calls with paramedics.

Apply for and take the state exams needed for Paramedic status. Pass and you’ll officially be an EMT-Paramedic.

Keep in mind that overall you’ll want to limit you online education for EMT schooling as hands on and in the classroom training will be more valuable for your career growth.

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