How to Find a Job in the Printing Industry

by on October 4th, 2015
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Are you looking for a job because you either are a new graduate or just recently laid-off? Many people have been affected because of the recession everywhere in the world and the people who are in need of jobs are increasing every day.

While the commercial printing industry has also removed people from redundant positions, it cannot be denied that they are one of the biggest employers among the many businesses around us. That is because a commercial printer runs a very labor-intensive operation from the front end to the back end.

Let us look at the operations of a commercial printer. We often hear the name of the printing press and see their office when we happen to pass by it. That is just their front office and when you go inside, you will see just a few people there. These are probably the receptionist, the sales people, the finance and accounting people, and probably in an inner office, you will see the manager. You might think that this is all there is to it. However, when you go further, you will realize that they have an inner room filled with computers and this is where their graphics and layout artists are situated. These people are often hidden so that they can concentrate on their creative work and at the same time so that they designs are hidden from public view. Their designs could not be released to the public unless the materials are already printed. Their work is confidential, especially if they are dealing with advertising jobs. Most of the time, the proofreader of the company is also stationed here. These people make up the pre-press part of the operations.

The next part is the printing and when you go further in a printing press, you will realize that this is the biggest part of the operations. The printing area is one big place because it has to contain the big printing machines as well as space for the finished products and the supplies. Many people are working around here. Depending on the kind of machine used by the printer, this place is abuzz with workers. In highly mechanized printing presses, they do not require many employees anymore.

When the printing is done, the printed material is passed on to the finishing department where the trimming or cutting, collation, binding, folding, and lamination happen. Again, depending on the operations, there can be many people here. If it is just a small printing operation, sometimes the printer can also assist in some of the tasks in the finishing department, such as the trimming. That way, the company can save on manpower costs and there are not redundant posts. After all the finishing required has been applied, the materials are packed and readied for delivery. Most of the time, the printing press also offers free delivery to local clients. They also take care of bringing the materials for shipping to other places.

If you have any special skills that can be used in the commercial printing industry, you may find that will have a rewarding and highly satisfying career here. So, are you job-hunting now? Why not go to your local commercial printer and ask about any vacation positions available? Even if it is just a part-time position, try it out, who knows there might be an opening for you soon.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in commercial printing technologies by a commercial printer that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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