Healthy Options at Starbucks: 3 Tips to Save 260 Calories Every Time

by on September 21st, 2010
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Staying Healthy at Starbucks Without Taste Deprivation
Drinks at Starbucks can be on the healthy side, especially when you follow a few simple rules. No, you don’t need to memorize the nutritional facts of every drink and limit what you order based on what has the most healthy reputation. Of course, ordering the skinny latte every time will be among the most healthy option, but it can also be the most boring. Starbucks has been both praised and criticized for having a multitude of flavors, so don’t let a fear of calories, fat, and sugar slow you down! Learn how to explore Starbucks drinks without compromising your healthy lifestyle and find out what options you have in terms of making a not so healthy drink a much more healthy option.

Healthy Option One: Whipped Cream
Unless you specify, after you order any drink your Starbucks barista will ask you if you want whipped cream on your beverage (unless you ordered something like an espresso; though we’re sure if asked the Starbucks staff would happily put whipped cream on that, too). When he or she asks this, they are not keeping your healthy motivations in mind, they are merely following company protocol. Now, while many of us are accustomed to whipped cream as having virtually little nutritional information of which we need to be conscious, there are 120 reasons why you should make use of your avoiding whipped cream option. In case that wasn’t clear enough, Starbucks whipped cream is an extra 120 calories. You can easily make any drink more healthy by using your option to avoid whipped cream, or trade in a drink you typically order with whipped cream for a less healthy drink without whipped cream.

Healthy Option Two: Milk Types
Most Starbucks drinks are rich an decadent; do you really think you’re going to notice the difference between whole milk and nonfat milk? Making use of the nonfat milk option will save you 30 calories every time you go to Starbucks, and your taste buds probably won’t be any the wiser. At the very least, you can use this healthy option with a few drinks and see if it really makes a difference to you. You may be wondering about soy milk; though a more healthy option than regular milk, switching whole milk for soy milk will actually only save you 10 calories. But if you’re lactose-intolerant, this could be your lucky Starbucks break.

Healthy Option Three: Sizes
Do you really need a venti and are you realistically going to finish that grande? Though it might be tempting to order a larger size, remember that drinking some water beforehand and than drinking your Starbucks drink a little more slowly could be a healthy option. The water may not even be necessary; just because other Starbucks consumers are ordering a larger cup size doesn’t mean it’s a healthy or even reasonable thing to do. Make use of your option to be a bit more mature about splurging on coffee. If you normally order a grande at Starbucks, try their tall; it will save you 110 calories. Likewise, if you typically show your Starbucks love by purchasing a venti, show love to more healthy options instead and save 110 calories by switching to a grande. If you find this healthy option is simply restricting your Starbucks enjoyment too much, you can just order a bigger size next time. However, exploring this healthy option is worth a try!


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