Gluten-Free: Blessing or Curse?

by on April 10th, 2015
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When others told me they were gluten-free, I shuddered at the death sentence. I would nod my head in sympathy, thankful it wasn’t me, until it happened to me.

When my husband, for various health reasons, was told to eliminate gluten from his diet for one month, I thought the world was ending. As I realized he only had to change what he ate, and gluten free living could possibly improve his health, I quickly jumped on board. Little did I know that I too would benefit.

We started our one month commitment by throwing away processed, packaged foods from the cupboards. Instead, we decided to eat traditionally. We filled our plates full of meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and other whole foods.

Rather than following the gluten-free craze and store-bought products that carried the “Gluten-free” label, we ate anything that took time to cook or grow. Mornings, we ate eggs on a bed of spinach, fresh fruit, and yogurt. Lunch consisted of salad, homemade soups, cheeses and fruits. Dinner was homemade stews, roasts, chicken, steaks, potatoes, and vegetables. The options are endless.

Being gluten-free didn’t alter our monthly grocery budget since we avoided buying special-made products targeting gluten-less people. There were only a few things I felt lacking. I needed bread and I needed spaghetti. Any of the bread products I bought left much to be desired. The only way I found it manageable was to toast the bread and hide it under a a thick layer of peanut butter. I was, however, impressed with the spaghetti brand we discovered. Tinkyada pasta, when topped with sauce, was an excellent comparison and a worthy competitor.

In addition, I searched the internet for gluten-free recipes. offers great recipes and my favorite for meal planning. provides a variety of snack options. Both have gluten-free tabs and easy to follow instructions.

Within a short-time, I realized that my chronic stomach issues improved. For as long as I can remember, I have experienced nausea, cramps, and other digestive tract issues. A few weeks into our challenge, it hit me that those symptoms disappeared. My husband and I were both losing weight without dieting, and he was able to go off his cholesterol medicine.

I am now a fan of gluten-free living. As a reformed skeptic, my overall health has improved. Gluten-free isn’t a death sentence as I once thought, rather it’s a blessing in disguise and gift to a healthier life. ;

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