Five Secrets to Help You Ace a Reality TV Audition

by on January 14th, 2011
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When it comes to reality television auditions I have seen it all. As Co-Owner and Chairman of Banyan Productions, a television production company specializing in the production of reality shows like Trading Spaces and A Wedding Story, we have auditioned thousands of hopeful reality stars.

Everyone wants to have their 15 minutes of fame these days and the competition is fierce. But here are a couple of inside secrets that will separate you from the crowd. Take it from me, try these five tips and you will at least get producers to give you a second look.

5.) Don’t try to copy your favorite reality stars.
With the proliferation of reality television today it is often difficult to tell the contestants apart. That’s because viewers have watched these shows so often that they unconsciously mimic their favorite reality stars. You’d be surprised at how many aspiring contestants come to an audition playing the “role” of the bad guy. Casting directors can tell if you’re acting. These are reality shows, remember? Every producer is looking for an original which is becoming harder and harder to find. The best advice? Be yourself.

4.) Don’t overdo it.
You should definitely have a style and feel good about the way you look but don’t be too over-the-top. Don’t dress to be outrageous or wear so much make-up that producers can’t even tell what you really look like. You may make a big scene at the auditions but that is likely to be the last scene you’ll be making.

3.) Do your homework.
An audition in many ways is just a glorified job interview so do some research. Find out whatever you can about the program you are auditioning for and the people who are producing it. Everyone will be impressed if you drop a little knowledge during the audition by asking a particularly relevant question about the new show. We all want our contestants to be smart and resourceful and this will give the producers a big clue that you are just that.

2.) Don’t bring a friend.
I know a lot of people like to audition with a friend to make the experience a little less nerve-wracking but this is not usually a good idea. Casting producers may see you as a twosome. As a result neither one of you may stand out. You also don’t want to be too distracted worrying about how your friend is doing and, of course, it can be quite awkward if one of you gets far along in the process while the other is sent home early.

1.) Don’t worry, there are lots more where this one came from.
You don’t need to act or feel desperate to get picked. Desperation never leads to a good audition and it’s very likely that you’ll see some of these very same casting producers when the next reality show comes to town. So be positive, have fun and do your best to leave everyone with a positive final impression.

Remember that every audition, whatever the outcome, is also a learning experience. What you learn this time will help you nail it the next time the audition parade comes to town. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. Brad Pitt’s first job in Hollywood was working outside a fast food restaurant wearing a giant chicken costume.

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