First Days with a Brown Dog

by on March 7th, 2015
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I first met him on a snowy day.
He was running, jumping content at play.
His eyes met mine and seemed to say,
How will this young man make me gay?

His disinterested owners desired him no more.
They thought his cute actions were simply a bore.
After having lived with a dog who would just sleep and snore,
I was certainly looking for a dog who’d do more.

The two of us traveled to our abode.
He looked back frightened as I sped down the rode.
The brown dog went into an isolated mode
As if all these changes too heavy a load.

For the first few days he was in despair
That no means of mine could seem to repair.
He would look out from under the table and stare.
I wondered if this was a dog I could bare.

Then one day for some unexplained reason,
As if against his former nature committing treason.
The brown dog began to play beyond reason,
And I saw for us the start of a bright new season.

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