Fall in Palm Desert

by on August 6th, 2013
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I have experienced fall in New England

It was truly magnificent

I have seen it in many other states and countries

During my travels

However, being from Southern California

Gives me a strange perspective on this elusive season

Living in the desert makes it more elusive

Almost impossible to recognize

I can see it from afar in the mountains that surround us

But the Valley of Palm Desert and Palm Springs

Finds the actual season rather elusive

Yes, we see it but it is so far away, yet very close

Fifteen minutes from the Valley of virtually one season

Seasons go through their cycles

However, here on the desert floor

Our fall is like most summers

Here the fall offers temperatures that bring tourists

The average high temperature here is 81 degrees

It truly makes for an outdoor and golfing paradise

Our air is clear and our people are happy

We can see the storms settling in the mountains above

However, water seldom reaches us

Most years we see less than an inch of rain for the entire fall season

A quarter of an inch of rain in a day is a storm.

I love my home

I love the cool weather in the 80s of fall

I love Palm Desert

It is my paradise

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