Fairytale Sestina

by on February 10th, 2014
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As night descends, so does the drawbridge to my dreams
of courts and kings and sprawling castles.
Prophets spew the future while warriors straddle dragons,
determined to flatter the princess with the painted
eyes; a land saturated with blood, filled with magic
of centuries past, a flourishing ancient kingdom.

Countless times I have been the savior of this kingdom,
always a role to be cast in my dreams.
With sword and horse, faith and magic,
I dissolve through walls, slink past guards, overrun castles,
seduce princes, whisper secrets, command painted
glorious depictions on every surface of gypsies and dragons.

I envision myself clad in leather, the mistress of dragons,
chafing for battle, the majestic warrior queen of the kingdom.
At times I am the priestess, draped in silk, face carefully painted,
offering my sacrifice to the god of my dreams.
I watch life evolve slowly through servants in the castles,
or conjure curses to plague others with dark magic.

The people are plagued by politics, pickpockets, wizards and magic.
Armies once driven by war and spoils are set aflame by soaring dragons
while peasants clamber to be granted the protection of castles,
terrified the end may be near for all who dwell within the kingdom.
But here I rule the realm, safeguard the dreams,
and they love my many selves and have my likeness painted.

For in this land I have conquered many lords and castles,
been loved by all and ruled by none, painted
the temples with bravery and devotion, sculpted my kingdom
with a sure combination of myth and magic,
frolicked with harlots and flown with dragons,
only to awake and find them all beautiful dreams.

Gone to the wind are those towering stone castles,
the tales of old knights and fools with their bells. Magic
will vanish in light of a new day, exposing bedroom walls painted
white and blue drapes. Not giants, nor dragons
may come to me now, ’til next I journey again to my kingdom,
prepared for forthcoming quests of my dreams.

The gates of the castles will unbolt at my magic,
and my horse’s armor, painted with the breath of dragons,
will reflect throughout the kingdom, announcing the fulfillment of dreams.

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