Everything Tastes like Chicken

by on November 18th, 2010
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Everything Tastes Like Chicken

Once upon a time not so long ago,Chicken Little was pecking at some kernels of corn in the farmyard when a chunk of white hot rock whizzed by her head and landed in a nearby puddle where it sizzled and sputtered.

“Holly cow, the sky is really falling!”She clucked excitedly.

Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurky, who were also in the farmyard were relaxing under the shade of an oak tree filled with acorns. They heard Chicken Little’s excited clucking but they did not respond.

“Hey you guys, the sky is falling and I really can prove it.” She clucked in exasperation.

“You can cluck till your “Little” head falls off but we aint getting suckered into your “cacamayme” the sky is falling routine!” Goosey Loosey honked disgustedly.

Just then a sizzling boulder crashed through the oak tree hitting Henny Penny,Goosey Loosey, Ducky Lucky and Turkey Lurkey. None of them had a chance.

Henny Penny was turned into instant chicken nuggets.All that remained of Goosey Loosey was liver pate. Ducky Lucky became Duck Flambeau. Finally, the only thing that was left of Turkey Lurkey were his drumsticks which were very well done.

From his fox hole, Foxy Loxy observed what had transpired . Sooner or later Henny,Ducky,Goosey,Turkey and even Chicken. would have ended up as his dinner but never all at the same time. He ran over to their succulent remains and started salivating.

Meanwhile Chicken Little was thoroughly distraught. The falling sky had fried her friends and now she had to face whatever was happening all by herself. In desperation she did something she would not normally do.She sought the companionship of her enemy Foxy Loxy.

“Foxy, I’m terribly frightened. Do you mind if I come over and stand by you?” She asked.

When Foxy heard Little’s desperate request he felt obliged to answer her in a friendly way.

“My dear Chicken come right over here and I will take care of you.” He said this while trying to control his salivating.

Without a moment of hesitation Chicken Little scurried to Foxy Loxy’s side.
In a flash Foxy pounced upon Chicken Little.

“Why?” Chicken asked.

“Because it’s what I do.” Foxy answered.

Moral: Foxes are like politicians in that neither can change their way of acting.To expect something different is wishful thinking, dangerous to your health and downright stupid.

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