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by on February 26th, 2015
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Easy to make homemade seed blankets are possible with supplies you have at home. Home improvement centers and some department stores carry expensive seed blankets. Make your own seed blanket and determine the type of seeds you to plant rather than settling on the manufacturer’s choice.

Make a small seed blanket before attempting a larger one. Small seed blankets are made on cookie sheets which allows for easy storage while they dry. Any length or width of seed blanket is possible as long as you have a hard surface large enough to work on. Follow the same process to create any size seed blanket.

Things You’ll Need:

Inexpensive single sheet toilet paper
Cookie sheet
Spritz bottle
Choice of flower seeds

Step 1: Tear five strips of toilet paper the width of your cookie sheet and four strips the length. Weave the toilet paper into a mat and place it on the cookie sheet. The over-under weave is used. This type of weave is taught at the primary grades in school. It is a simple weave with every short strip is woven through the long strips opposite of one another. Repeat this step for a total of three woven toilet paper sheets.

Step 2 – Place the first woven sheet on the bottom of the cookie sheet. Spritz with cool water. Do not soak. A misting of water is all that is needed to help hold the fibers of the toilet paper together.

Step 3 – Sprinkle a layer of flower seeds over the toilet paper sheet.

Step 4 – Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to create a second layer of flower seeds.

Step 5 – Place the final sheet of toilet paper over the top. Spritz the sheet with water. Place the completed sheet in a sunny location to dry.

Step 6 – Remove the newly created seed blanket from the cookie sheet. Roll the sheet for storing.

Place the seed blankets in the desired location. Sprinkle a thin layer of dirt over the top of the sheet. The dirt helps to hold the seed blanket in place. Water the seed blanket liberally. The fibers in the toilet paper will disintegrate but not before the seeds begin to grow and take root.

Note: Recycle newspaper to create a seed blanket. The newspaper must be completely wet prior to adding the seeds. Use two o three layers of seeds. Place the newspaper seed blanket in the desired location as soon as it dries far enough to hold itself together. The seeds will germinate quickly. Newspaper does not disintegrate as quickly as the toilet paper.

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