Democrats Supporting Ron Paul

by on November 5th, 2014
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Ron Paul’s popularity seems to be growing exponentially. The media response to and online searches of Paul would indicate that the longer the GOP primaries continue, the stronger his campaign will become. And his message is simple. The American Federal Government needs to obey the Constitution. This is a fundamental idea that most voters can agree with, including moderate Democrats and Independents. Is this surprising, no. But what is surprising is that Paul’s popularity and support is starting to gain ground with Democrats. But why?

Since the establishment of our Federal Government, our political system has been divided into two entities, with little support of a third. However, Paul is beginning to bridge the gap between the staunch right and liberal left. How is he doing this? Simple. By pressing the reset button. Paul’s campaign and supporters believe that the Federal Government has over stepped its boundaries, which are dictated by the Constitution and he wants to give the power back to the States and the people. However, this is also the biggest knock against Paul as well. Why? Because Federal drug, marriage, tax, immigration and abortion laws could be rendered obsolete and the States would be allowed to govern themselves with these issues. Is this ushering in absolute chaos or the power being returned to the people?

Paul is on record saying that Federal Drug laws should be repealed and that Roe VS Wade should be overturned. Does this imply that he supports drug usage and is against women’s rights? No, he is saying that the Federal Government does not have the power to lay down a blanket law across America. The Constitution gave the States the right to govern themselves with any and all issues, and it is up to the Federal Government to uphold this right, help settle issues between states and defend our Nation. So how is this beneficial to both sides of Americans? This would mean that communities have more power of the Law, its elected officials and can dictate the direction they head in, without there being a power to supersede your choice, only to support it. Whether you are Conservative, Liberal or completely oblivious, your vote for State officials means more. And if you don’t like it, you can move to somewhere you do.

Our forefathers recognized the fact that in building this vast nation of many different creed’s, colors and religions, we were not all going to agree with each other. But they also recognized that it was not the Federal Governments role to enforce any one group’s beliefs onto another. To prevent this they limited Federal power with the Constitution and laid the foundation for our nation to grow and prosper. Ron Paul is the only Candidate that acknowledges this and is basing his entire campaign on it. He believes in your right to control your life, to truly be free, and this belief crosses all party affiliations. Without our Constitution, which has defined our Nation for 234 years, what do we have? What is our Identity?

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