Dallas Cowboy’s Fan Season Journal Entry #2 JETS 27 COWBOYS 24

by on October 26th, 2014
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The world was watching, excitement was high. All day I waited to watch my beloved Cowboys start a new season, to make amends for the disaster that we have all tried to forget, last season. You could tell by the opening ceremonies, emotion was high. New york was on center stage, 9-11 was on every-ones mind. The flag at the beginning was awesome, the fly over by the military jets, sent a tingle down my back. I like so many others, was ready for some football.
The game started so well for the Cowboys, the first drive was greatness, Felix was running hard, Dez Bryant was starting off right where he left off before the injury last season. The man is a beast. Felix looks like he is ready to be the feature back, now that Marion Barber is off to Chicago. The offense looked sharp in the face of a New York defense that started blitzing from the first play, and kept the pressure on the whole game. The crowd with that J E T S, JETS, JETS, JETS, thing seemed so loud, you could hardly here Chris Collinsworth, which was not that bad of a thing. I personally did not like the announcers, probably because I long for the days of Brad Sham and Dale Hanson doing Cowboy games. When the Cowboys scored first, I knew we had a chance. They looked good, they were walking with a little swagger, like they had in the 90’s.
The defense was outstanding early, they stopped the Jets running game, and were pressuring Sanchez on every play. Plexico Burres, was making me wish I had not drafted him on my fantasy team, he looked slow, and Sanchez and him looked out of sink. But that was early, and things would change. On side note, the picture of The Ryan Boys with their dad, Buddy, took me back instantly to the Jimmy Johnson days, oh how I use to love to hate Buddy Ryan. I still have no love loss for the Eagles, but that is a different story, for the weeks to come.
Early on Dez was schooling Cromartie, his size will do that often this season. I look for a breakout year for Dez, if he can stay healthy. He does seem a little fragile, maybe because he plays so hard, we will see.
The catch by Miles Austin had me standing up and yelling at the TV, he does not look that strong, but he flat took that ball from Cromartie. I thought right then we might be headed toward a route. A play like that can deflate a team, give the Jets credit, they overcame it. Sean Lee, gave the Cowboys a chance to slam the door, but like last year, they let the Jets off the hook. Lee, looked good the whole game, I look for good things from him in the future. If he had scored the Jets would have been done, I think.
If you did not see it, watch the film, Plexico Burres had the block of the game, he leveled Mike Jenkins, blindsided him. After that the defensive back field looked bad, soft? The next time you saw Jenkins,he was headed to the locker room. Never said he was a big hitter, but that reminded me of Terrance Newman, not in a good way. After that Plexico and Sanchez looked good, in a groove, and on a roll.
The Cowboys were still in control, and Romo blew it. Every armchair quarterback knows, FEET FIRST, instead Romo goes head first, fumbles, and things started changing. What was he thinking? He was on the two yard line, slide, just slide. Then things fell apart with a blocked punt returned for a touchdown, really?
Are we trying to lose, oh the frustration was setting in. The guy was not even blocked.
Then comes Romo with the game breaker, inside a minute, tied at 24. He throws a pick, not even close.
Take the sack, go to over time, take your chance then, on the other end of the field. The defense was playing well, just relax, don’t make stupid plays, or at least if you do, show some emotion. The Jets kick the field goal, win the game, and a great team effort is wasted. Your Quarterback can’t make mistakes like that and your team win in the NFL. One fumble, one interception and it is a long ride home. Could have been a great start, should have won, could have won, long week till Sunday and the 49ers.

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