by on September 14th, 2012
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The Cowboys were lucky to leave Washington with a win. It could have just as easily been Washington 27 and Dallas 24. Neither team played bad enough to lose, but someone had to. That is how the NFC East is. Good old fashioned football. Throw out the records, forget who has the best players. The East always comes down to a few plays. The loss to the Eagles was the exception, not the rule in the East.

Dallas started out like they would have an easy day. A casual football fan may have turned the game off and gone to do yard work. But anyone who has watched the East for any length of time knew better. The teams in the East have a habit of playing up or down to each other. Sometimes entire seasons are judged by the division games. Teams are built for the division games. The winners are usually good, don’t get me wrong, but the East has always been the beast of the NFC.

The other divisions have had a good team or two in years gone by, but the East normally has three teams good enough to win it, and one team rebuilding. This year that seems to be Washington, but even the rebuilding team plays up to the other division teams. The first year that Jimmy Johnson was a NFL coach the Cowboys only victory came against the Redskins. The Redskins were good then, having won the Super Bowl in 1988. There are normal easy games in the East.

Tony Romo was good yesterday, he did his job, took care of the ball and put the Cowboys in a position to win. The defense bent, but it did not break. The Cowboys played well enough to win, but so did the Redskins, the Boys were lucky. They were even luckier late last night when the Eagles beat the Giants. The game in New York looks more like it will mean something, a playoff spot to the winner.

The Cowboys if things fall right the boys could win out. Had things fell right all year, they could be a one loss team. That Eagles game was a disaster, but the losses against the Jets, the Lions, and the Patriots could have been wins, maybe should have been wins. Had things gone a little different, people would be discussing the Cowboys along with the Packers and 49ERS. Being they did not, the game against the Giants will be big.

So Cowboy fans get you turkey ready, sit back and enjoy the ride, the ROMO COASTER is rolling on and things are looking good. You have something to cheer about on Thanksgiving Day.

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