Creative Ways to Use Freestanding Shelves in a Kitchen

by on August 11th, 2014
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Freestanding shelves can add a tremendous amount of extra storage space in a kitchen, especially when the room is small and shelves are lacking. I purchased two wooden shelf units after moving into my rented home. The kitchen is huge, but the cabinets are limited since they were installed at just one end of the room. I had to buy shelf units if I wanted enough space to store my baking supplies and non-perishable food. Try my creative ways to use freestanding shelves in the kitchen, and use them to add storage space and a place to display plants, tabletop decor and more.

Position them Away from Built-In Cabinets to Avoid an Obvious Difference

Freestanding shelves purchased long after cabinets are installed will not likely match. The pair I purchased did not match the cabinets in my rented home, so I placed them on the dining side of the kitchen far away from the built-in cabinetry. They looked completely different, so I positioned them away from the rest of the cabinets an effort to keep the differing wood tones completely separate. The freestanding shelves look great on the dining side of the kitchen, and the disparity in wood color is not at all noticeable since they cannot be viewed as a whole.

Place a Microwave Stand in Between Two Shelf Units for a Built-In Look

Electrical outlets are also greatly lacking in my rented kitchen, and since I have a toaster oven, a can opener, a toaster and a countertop convection oven, no room was left for my microwave. My aunt had given me an antique sewing cabinet that had been converted to a beautiful table, and it was just the right height and size to hold my microwave oven. I placed the table in between the two new freestanding shelves. Since the wood was a very close match, the combination looked built-in instead of an afterthought. I absolutely loved the look I achieved, and I would place the three units together again in any appropriate location.

Display Freestanding Shelves in Between Kitchen Windows

I also have two separate kitchen windows in my rented home, and if I had two additional freestanding shelves of the same style and height, I would place them between the windows. This would be a great place to store additional food and bake ware, and the top would be ideal for plants that do not require direct light.

I am considering buying another pair of freestanding shelves to place between the windows in my rented home, but I do not know if I will move this year or sign another lease. I might buy the freestanding shelves anyway since they would be useful for storage no matter where I choose to live. They can be used at the end of a hallway for storing linens, in a bathroom or even in a bedroom for added clothing storage.

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