Creative Homemade Centerpieces with Candles

by on December 16th, 2014
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A centerpiece is the signature of a well-dressed table, and when it includes candles it becomes a work of illuminated art. Store-bought centerpieces can be quite expensive, especially those with candles, but they are hardly unique. Ready-made decor is also unnecessary. For something truly eye-catching and distinct, use creative homemade centerpieces with candles. They can be battery-operated or the classic wax variety, but in any case they will turn a plain table into an eye-catching display for a wedding reception, a party, dinner or any occasion.

Use Black-Eyed Peas and Clear Wire-Covered Candle Holders

Creative homemade centerpieces that include candles are ideal for party tables, side tables, a dining room table or any other purpose, and when battery-operated varieties are used, they are completely safe. They can be placed in areas where traditional candles cannot be used, and they do not pose a danger if forgotten.

When seeking creative homemade centerpieces with candles, look for something simple but dramatic. Partially fill a wire and glass candle holder with black-eyed peas, and place a flameless candle in the center. The black-eyed peas will be heavy enough to hold each candle in place, and the centerpieces will work for just about any purpose. Consider using flickering battery-operated candles. They look very real, and they come in a rainbow of colors. They even feel like real wax. All that is missing is the flame and the danger it poses.

Make Centerpieces with Flat Glass Marbles and a Decorative Bowl

Flat glass marbles have countless uses, and they are ideal for homemade centerpieces that include candles. Partially fill clear wide-mouth decorative bowls with marbles in a color or colors of your choice, and position drip-free or flameless candles inside. These centerpieces are particularly beautiful when iridescent marbles are used. Best of all, the homemade centerpieces can be designed to match or coordinate with any color imaginable, and they are ideal for wedding reception or party tables.

Use Aquarium Gravel, Clear Wine Glasses and Candles for Centerpieces

Another material that can be used when assembling homemade centerpieces that include candles is aquarium gravel. It is fairly inexpensive, and it also comes in many eye-catching hues. Partially fill clear wine glasses with aquarium pebbles of your choosing, and place votive candles inside. These homemade designs make lovely centerpieces for restaurant tables, wedding reception tables and formal party tables. They also look great when placed in a row in the center of long tables.

Think of other unique items that can be used to hold candles inside of clear bowls. The options for unique homemade centerpieces with candles is virtually limitless. Everything from jelly beans to seashells will work. All it takes is a little imagination and the desire to create unique centerpieces that are illuminated with candles.

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