Connecticut Powerball Winners

by on September 28th, 2010
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Show me the money! The man who actually won the $254 Connecticut Powerball lotto with a single digit line ticket remains an enigma and the lottery commission still has not paid out the winnings.

In case you don’t know the story, here it is: Three Greenwich money managers showed up in Rocky Hill, CT to hold a press conference announcing that they had hit the big “Kahuna” on a single Quickpic ticket bought at the Shippan Point gas station. Sounds like great news for the winners, right? Wrong! When reports started to surface that someone else had actually bought the ticket and handed it over to the investment bankers to avoid the hassle (what hassle?) of collecting, the whole business started to smell funny.

Turns out that when someone hits a big jackpot like this the lottery commission must check the winner’s record for any outstanding liens or unpaid taxes; and guess what? All three of the investors were squeaky clean. But what if the real winner is a deadbeat?

A few questions:

1) One of the investment bankers told reporters that they were just managing the money for a client. What? If you were an investment banker, wouldn’t you know the tax-lien law? This is really stupid.

2) If you had won the money and you owed debts, why wouldn’t you just pay them off from the winnings?

3) Could criminals be involved in the lottery winnings?

The lottery commission has the right to void the ticket. That would mean someone may have lost $110 million in cash. And you think you’re having a bad day. Stay tuned!

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