Bird Nest in a Jar

by on February 6th, 2011
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Someone who loved ships or nautical things invented the ship-in-a-bottle known to most everyone on earth. A person who took up the craft spent many hours erecting a ship inside a bottle; it involved a lot of work, a steady hand, and lots of patience. But it was such a beautiful thing to put on display. People marveled at the workmanship needed to create such a spectacle. When you make a bird nest in a bottle, you create a beautiful decorator piece, even if it doesn’t require hours of study and concentration. Whether you love birds and birdhouses, or you’re just in the mood to create, you’ll have fun with an easy project where you build a bird nest inside a jar or bottle.

The curiosity involving the ship inside a bottle is that people who see it wonder how such a large thing got through such a small opening. Keep that in mind when you build your bird nest. If the bottle you use to contain the bird nest has a small opening, the wonderment of it will be noticed by those who see it.

Use excelsior – a type of packing material – or even something like raffia, to make the nest. Just wrap pieces around and around to form a bowl shape. It might be necessary to wrap a few times, then use an implement – like a pencil eraser – to press a small bowl shape to create the middle of the nest. Make a nest that appears to be larger than the opening of the bottle.

With a long cotton swab, apply a strong adhesive to the bottom of the bottle. Squeeze the nest together to get it to fit inside the jar opening. With a skewer or chopstick you can move the nest around to position it in the glue. You can also use the sticks to reshape the nest after squeezing it through the bottle opening.

You can find the tiniest little eggs at a craft store and they’re perfect for making the bottled bird nest. Or, use beads as the eggs. Apply a bit of glue to the top of the nest with the cotton swab and drop the egg into the jar. If needed, use the skewer or chopstick to scoot the egg into position.

There are other things you can add to the inside of the bottle. For example, purchase a craft bird and set it inside the bottle – or even drop in a feather. You could even glue a butterfly or ladybug to the mouth of the bottle. There are many variations you can do to make just the right bottled bird nest for you. Set it on a shelf and show it off to everyone; they’ll wonder how in the world you got it all in there!
Bottled Bird Nest

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