Best Stuffed Animals 2011-2012

by on February 14th, 2011
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Here are some of the latest Best Stuffed Animals you’ll find for this Christmas season of 2011 into 2012. This best list has been compiled using recent top sales numbers and also recent reviews and input from consumers.

What follows here are the top 3 stuffed animals from the best list. Some are a far cry from your little brown teddy bear, but all are enchanting, none the less:

Angry Birds Plush Animals with Sound:

The extremely popular Angry Birds game has inspired the Angry Birds Plush Animals with Sound. The animated screen characters are brought to life in these incredibly soft, plush and squeezable toys. By squeezing the top of the bird you’ll hear authentic sounds from the game. These lovable little 5″ stuffed birds are sold separately and are available in yellow, red, blue, white or black. Each has a unique facial expression. Any stuffed animal fan (and who isn’t) would love one – or a whole flock of these adorable creatures. At just 5″ they would make great stocking stuffers, too.

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Stuffed Animals:

The Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Stuffed Animals were made to ease a child’s fear of the dark and encourage a sound night’s sleep for healthy development. Each of the animals available (and sold separately) projects a starry night sky on the walls and ceiling of the child’s room. Parents can also sit with their children, identify and talk about some of the major constellations. The Big Dipper and Pegasus plus 5 more star groups are visible. Each animal has 3 soothing color options and each comes with its unique story, a Constellation Guide and an adoption certificate. Three AAA batteries are also included.

Happy Nappers Stuffed Animals:

It’s a pillow…it’s a little animal pal. The Happy Nappers Stuffed Animals are both. The pillow is in the shape of the home of the animal. Ring the doorbell and you’ll hear your Happy Napper’s sleepy sounds. Then unzip the door and reverse the house into a little Happy Napper stuffed creature. Happy Nappers come as several different critters including: a penguin in an igloo, a dog in a doghouse, a unicorn or dragon in a castle and a ladybug in a house. Each is about 21″ high and makes a perfect carry along companion for long trips, vacations or just lounging on the floor.

A sleepy child usually clings to something for comfort – you, a blanket or favorite stuffed toy. One of these top 3 Best Stuffed Animals for 2011 into 2012 could make the perfect companion for your little sleepy head.

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