Best Dog Parks in McHenry County, IL

by on January 9th, 2011
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A dog park is a wonderful place to take dogs to let them run around and get some exercise in a park that is meant just for them. The McHenry county area of Illinois has a few really nice ones where you can take your dog for a day of exercise. Just a note of caution only bring dogs who are used to being around other dogs to a dog park otherwise you could end up with some trouble, or you can go there and see if there are any other dogs there if not let your dog run loose but gather them up and get them back in your car if you see another car pulling in.

Crystal Lake

Hound Town Dog Park:
Hound Town dog park is located at Lipold Park on Route 176. Hound Town dog park is a large 3 acre dog park that is entirely fenced in. In order to bring your dog there though you will need to purchase a gate key. The gate key will get you in to the park 24 hours a day 360 days a year. The gate key is good for one full year and costs $45.00 for non Crystal Lake residents with an extra $10 fee per additional dog. Residents of Crystal Lake get a discount and pay just $30 per year plus $6 for each additional dog. There is also a further discount for resident and non resident seniors. You will have to have proof of residency and proof of rabies vaccinations from your vet to be able to get a gate key.

Lipold Park is a large and lovey park in the area with Prairie lands, baseball fields, a putting range, mini golf, frisbee golf and limited walking trails. You will need to ask for directions to get to the dog park your first time. My advice is to go in to the area by the mini golf there you will find human beings that should be able to direct you to the correct location of the dog park area.

Veteran’s Acres: Located at 330 N. Main Street. Veteran’s Acres is not a dog park Per say but it does allow dogs as long as they are on their leash. This is one of the two larger parks in Crystal Lake and there are lovely walking trails around the lake and even a trail to incredible pine forest.

Lake in the Hills

Lake in the Hills Dog Park: Located at 9027 Haligus Road. This is not a huge dog park but it is entirely fenced in. They do provide plenty of shade by way of trees and fresh drinking water for the dogs you will need to bring a bowl for them though. They also have bags and receptacles for dog waste on site. Their hours are from dawn to 9:00 PM daily.

You will need to purchase a permit to use the park. When you register you will need to bring proof of distemper and rabies vaccinations, you will also need to bring proof of birth or adoption, and age. You must have owned your adopted dog for 6 months before applying, and no dogs under 6 months of age are allowed. Residents will pay $40 per year with a $6 fee for each additional dog. Non residents will pay $60 per year and $10 extra per additional dog. Seniors pay half price. Fees are based on a calendar year and not when you purchase the permit. Fees are reduced during the month of August and beyond. You will be provided a photo ID of your dog and a key code to get in to the gate. You can get the permit at the Village Hall at 600 Harvest Gate.


Fox River Trail: Fox River Trail is a dog friendly park, but dogs must be kept on leash. The park extends from Algonquin IL all along the Fox River all the way to Aurora IL.

Wauconda (Actually in Lake County but nearby)

Lakewood Dog Exercise Park – Located inside the Lakewood Forest can access it from the East side of Fairfield Rd just north of 176. The park itself is a 68 acre park. The dog exercise area is a fenced in area of the park. The park is opened from 6:30 AM until 7:00 PM daily, but from April till October does not open until 11:00 AM. It is also closed on the first and third Thursdays of each month for maintenance.

A yearly permit can be purchased or daily passes can be purchased at an onsite Kiosk. The yearly permit can be used at any of the four Lake County dog parks.

Note: Due to construction in the area at this time (2012) the dog park may not always be opened.

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