Bathroom Fixtures that Will Save Your Marriage

by on October 5th, 2010
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There are some things men and women should never do together. Sharing a bathroom is one such thing. Sure, it’s wonderful in the beginning when you can’t get enough of one another. But after several years of ‘togetherness’, you just want your own space. If you and your significant other have ever fought over sink space, storage room, or had the dreaded ‘toilet seat’ argument, you may find the products below worth looking in to. We like to refer to these products as “Bathroom fixtures that will save your marriage”.

Self Closing Toilet Seat

The most common argument couples have about the bathroom is the position of the toilet seat. He wants it up. She wants it down. Imagine a self closing toilet seat that would eliminate the subject altogether. (Pause while the heavens open up and angels begin to sing).

These very cool toilets gently lower the lid after it’s flushed. The user of the potty does nothing more than do his or her business and go on about their day. She’ll never have to fall into an open toilet in the middle of the night again, and he won’t have to hear her scream over it in return.

A Self Flushing Toilet

Does your spouse think that flushing the toilet is a waste of water, while you, on the other hand, find it utterly repulsive not to flush? A self flushing toilet may be what your marriage needs. With this bathroom fixture in place, the subject is completely eliminated.

We’ve all seen self flushing toilets in public restrooms, so their use is fairly well known. When you rise from the seat, the toilet automatically flushes. Home versions are available that work just as well, but don’t have that ‘turbo’ action that scares the heck out of you in public.

Double Sinks

You have a mouthful of toothpaste and your significant other pushes through to wash their hands. How many times has this happened in your home? If you only have one sink, chances are, several times. By adding another sink, each of you will have their own space, and you’ll never have to deal with the issue again.

To install double sinks, you will need to replace your current countertop so that it will fit two sinks. The job itself is fairly simple to do, and the benefits are worth the cost. When you can smile at each other in peaceful harmony from a few feet away, it’s worth all the money in the world.

Separate Mirrors

He needs to shave. She needs to put on her makeup. Either you share the mirror peacefully (yeah, right), or you get aggravated with one another and end up arguing before the day even begins. Separate mirrors are a great way to put an end to bathroom fighting.

Individual Storage Space

If there’s one shelf beside the bathroom sink, chances are, the woman will claim it as hers. Women have a lot of stuff! Men, you just don’t understand. To keep the peace, individual storage space is a must for couples. Whether it’s wall-mounted shelving for toiletries, hooks for towels, or in-shower organizers for razors and soaps, you can prevent bathroom fighting by having individual storage.


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