3 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

by on October 26th, 2010
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Writing a blog can be a great way to showcase your work, while also earning money. However, those new to blogging may find themselves wondering why they aren’t getting page views. The truth is new bloggers often make mistakes. Whether it’s not posting often enough or using headlines that are lacking, these mistakes can cost you. Here are just a few mistakes that new, and seasoned, bloggers should avoid.

Not Posting Consistently

The biggest mistake new bloggers make is that they don’t post often enough. They may write a post today and then wait a few months before posting again. Even if your content is amazing, you will not keep readers unless you are consistent. Those that want their blog to grow substantially should post at least once per day. Those that want steady growth should post at least 3 times per week. Regardless of how often you post, do it consistently so that your readers know what to expect and will come back for more.

Using Poor Headlines

Great headlines are essential for blogs. Not only do headlines help readers find your content, but the headline will determine where your post falls in search engines. You want to shoot for no more than 65 characters and use keyword rich headlines. For example, you do not want a headline that reads, “Tips for Stylists”. Instead, you want a title that reads, “Money Making Tips for Fashion Stylists”. The headline tells readers exactly what to expect and is easier to find because of the keywords.

Going Off Topic

In order for a blog to be fantastic, it needs a specific topic. While you may love to write about several topics, a blog should narrow it down to one. A blog that focuses on one topic is easier for readers to find and will be more interesting for those people. A blog that isn’t focused on one topic may attract more readers, but chances are the readers won’t become followers. If you have more than one topic you want to write about, create more than one blog.

Blogging is a wonderful way to share information with the world, but you need to follow simple tips to ensure your blog grows. Post consistently at least 3 days per week. Use headlines that will capture the attention of search engines and readers. Last, but not least, stay on topic.

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