Website in Hot Water Over Taylor Swift Topless Photos

by on February 15th, 2011
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Taylor Swift topless photos and pictures on the web? Not likely. However, a website apparently called Celebrity Jihad allegedly posted nude images with a girl bearing a resemblance to Taylor recently. According to TMZ, Celebrity Jihad posted the Taylor Swift so called topless pics and now Swift and her lawyers are talking lawsuit. A similar story citing TMZ as the main source also appeared on the country music website The Boot.

Are the topless pictures real? It certainly seems as if they aren’t-and that’s just one thing that is causing the big stink.
Why anyone would throw up pictures of a celebrity or someone bearing a close resemblance without permission these days is very risky-but does anything surprise anyone anymore in regards to what gets posted on the internet? Websites are anxious to get immediate page view glory but evidently bound to little in terms of legal issues. So how is a matter like this policed? Swift and her team of lawyers apparently are ready to attempt to change that-at least in regards to images dubbed as Taylor Swift topless photos or pics.

Does Taylor Swift have a case against a website if they claim to have posted “topless pictures” of Swift? It’s an interesting dilemma for attorneys, web producers and celebrities these days. It seems as if the rush to get such provocative pics and photos on the web is so extreme that websites will publish such pictures without hesitation. Now it seems as if at least one celebrity has had enough. Swift, who is one of the glamour girls of country music, is known for her wholesome image. So it’s not so surprising that she is ready to take aim at a site for publishing such pictures, not only without her permission but perhaps “false” topless pictures all together.

Do celebrities stand a fighting chance against doctored or photoshopped pictures popping up on websites? One of the toughest things for celebs is that the demand is apparently so high for these pictures that once a website has published the pic it will undoubtedly spin off to other similar websites. That means that the so called Taylor Swift topless photos and pictures will spread infinitely. Unfortunately for celebs, that means the pictures might come down from one site but remain on blogs, threads and other places. That certainly will put any judge in connection with such a court case in a predicament from the start.

So does Swift have an opportunity to make waves especially when she denies posing or even having such pictures out there available to surface? It seems highly unlikely that any such pictures exist-and it’s unfortunate the young lady has to deal with such drama when she is trying to continue her dominance as a country music artist. The sad trend will undoubtedly continue until one of these celebrities wins a huge court case and perhaps even has the accused facing serious jail time. What might be interesting to see is when one of these lawsuits provides the first substantial case for any other similar situation. In other words, Taylor Swift could potentially be fighting a huge battle that could set a legal precedent for future cases. Or, as in most cases so far, she’ll just be sadly battling a cause that has no winning outcome. That is certainly unfortunate.

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