Vacation Illness: How to Get Your Kids Through It

by on December 19th, 2010
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If you have kids than you already know that vacations can sometimes be unpredictable. Everyone can start out healthy when leaving for a vacation, but they can quickly become ill, while you are traveling. If your kids suddenly get sick, this does not mean that you have to cancel their trip. So how can you continue with your vacation plans and help your kids get through their illness? They first step is to prepare in advance. Even if your child does not usually get sick, it will be of benefit to you to plan for it. Below are a few ideas and suggestions.

Find a local doctor

If you have access to the internet you may be able to locate a pediatrician in the area you are traveling. There are some medical centers you can stop at as well just to get your child looked at. The reason for doing this is to make sure that the illness is nothing serious. In some cases families take the time to find a local doctor on their travel route just in case. An urgent care clinic is also another option if there is no good doctors office located nearby.

Chicken soup

Some may say that chicken soup is not the solution, but it can really help a child to feel better. It also helps to make sure that they are eating something to keep their strength up. Finding good chicken soup while you are on vacation can be a challenge but not an impossible task. A simple visit to a local supermarket should yield good results. If you are staying in a hotel with a kitchen or a restaurant, ask if they can make some chicken soup for you. Most hotels will not mind doing this. It will help your child to feel a little better.

Water, Water, and more water

When it comes to a cold, a child can truly never get enough water. Some parents try to give them an abundance of fruit juice or orange juice, to help with the cold. Water however can really help to flush out those cold germs.

Plenty of rest

Your child may be eager to get up and enjoy their vacation, the key is to make sure that your child get’s plenty of rest. They may miss a few days of their vacation, but if they rest, and allow their body to fight the cold, they may be able to enjoy the last few days of their vacation.

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