Using Business Cards to Promote Your Small Business

by on November 13th, 2013
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Among all the ways of promoting a small business, your business card can be the one thing that will help in drumming up clients. Passing them out to family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues certainly cannot hurt business. Targeting those in your service or product market is a more strategic method of placing your business cards in the right hands.

A well designed business card can be accompanied with matching letterhead and stationery as well as a goal oriented brochure. Some business cards are double sided to provide more pertinent information without the costs of personal business brochures. The type of business card and any extra promotional tools you decide upon should be thought out thoroughly.

Friends and family probably are impressed by your business cards more than likely because they never thought you would start that small home-based business you have talked about for so long. Hopefully, they will pass the word along if you give them a few extra cards and ask politely.

Depending upon whether your new small business conflicts with the one you are trying to leave, your boss may allow you to pass some cards around. Take them wherever you go. The dentist, doctor, auto mechanic, etc. are all possible clients, or they may know someone who could be one. Take the chance and keep your business cards on you everywhere you go.

Some are inventive and leave one behind with a tip. Whether it is your barber, waitress, waiter or whom ever, leave a business card with them. Again, they may not need it, but they may know someone who does.

Let’s say you are providing a consulting service. Who would most benefit from your type of service? Where would they possibly go thinking that that service might be offered only to find that it isn’t? Send those businesses some cards with a letter of intent. They may call or write back thanking you for offering your services.

Sometimes, even a double-sided business card is not enough. When this is the case, have a brochure handy for further explanation. They aren’t necessary, but in mailings they are appreciated and may be enough so that the potential customer will not have to look up your business on the internet.

Now that you are targeting your market, you will see how professional looking letterhead and stationery are a plus to your business card. Even if the envelope and letter are trashed, more than likely your business card will be filed for future reference. Although they are not a necessity, this complimentary package does tend to boost the look of professionalism.

The use of business cards is a great way to promote any small business, no matter what type of business it is. Sure, many may get tossed out without a second glance, but with the costs declining for professionally made one it is still a great tool for small business promotion. Many may say you can make your own business cards at home, and you can. This may not be as cost effective, but ultimately it is your decision.

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