Two Easy Halloween Costumes to Make from a Cardboard Box

by on October 4th, 2015
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Halloween is getting closer and closer again. Every year, we try our hardest to come up with a unique costume. Sometimes, however, our budget is not as large as we hoped it would be.

Why not have fun making an easy costume out of a cardboard box? Your child will love making a costume with materials you wouldn’t expect to use.

Christmas Present Costume
Here is what you need:
large cardboard box (about 2 feet by 2 feet – measure your child from shoulder to shoulder and back to front, and then add about six inches for comfort)
giant bow
Christmas wrapping paper (or any kind of paper based on preference)
steak knife or box cutter
tape measure

After you’ve found the box you need, tape one end completely closed. Using the tape measure, measure your child’s head, and add about six more inches so that they can comfortably fit their head through the hole you will make. Next, using the knife or box cutter, cut out a whole in the closed end (in the middle). On both sides of the box of where your child’s arms are, cut two additional holes for their arms to fit through. On the other end of the box, cut off the remaining flaps.

Next, wrap up the box (on the outside) with the wrapping paper. Remember to poke a hole in the top of the paper (where the original hole is) and two holes where the arms go. Fit the box onto your child and put the bow on their head. If you want to, you can add a tag to the box – just like a real present!

Old-Fashioned Television Set Costume
Here is what you need:
large cardboard box (same size as above)
tin foil
head band
tape (or glue)
black and white construction paper (enough black to cover the front)
3 milk caps
tape measure
a marker

Just like if you were making a Christmas Present costume, fix the large box in the same manner (head, arms, etc). Also, repeat the above steps for creating the television box (don’t wrap with paper). Next, cover the front of the box with black paper. Towards the left and centered, tape or glue in place white construction paper for the television screen. Let your child decorate the front of the “screen.” Another option is to place a small poster there or even a large-sized photo of your family. On the right side of the screen, glue or tape in place the milk caps just like television knobs.

To make the antennae, carefully twist and shape tin foil to make a set of antennae. Then, attach them to the headband by twisting them around it. Then, place the headband on your child’s head. Now, your child is a television!

These costumes are easy to make and can be made with simple supplies. The best part is, they don’t cost much to make and are a fun project!

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