Theme Ideas for a Light Blue Kitchen

by on September 22nd, 2010
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Light blue is an excellent color choice for a kitchen. It is soft and soothing, and it provides a comfortable atmosphere for cooking, dining, visiting and more. The theme ideas and possibilities are as endless as the available shades of azure. Use one or more of these theme ideas for a light blue kitchen, and enjoy unique and creative decorating options that will brighten and enhance the heart of your home.

Consider a Shasta Daisy Theme

Bright white is the perfect accompaniment to light blue, especially in a kitchen. It looks great with clean white trim, cabinetry and bright white appliances. It can be embellished further with a daisy theme. Decorate it further with shasta daisies with bright yellow centers. This theme can include wall pockets filled with high-quality faux flowers, lace-edged fern branches and tiny cerulean forget-me-not sprigs. The theme can also be enhanced with matching floral placemats, floral dishware and countertop works of art.

Decorate with Wild Birds

Light blue kitchen walls are the ideal backdrop for wild birds. This is also one of the most eye-catching and appealing theme choices for a light blue kitchen. Select a table centerpiece that features wild bluebirds or blue jays. Plates can also be used to add beauty and appeal to this lovely decorating theme. However, do not overdo it by buying anything and everything in a wild bird theme. Choose top-quality pieces when decorating the kitchen or any other room in the home. Less is more when it comes to decorating.

Select a Butterfly Theme for a Light Azure Kitchen

A butterfly theme is ideal in a light cerulean kitchen. Look for a single work of painted wall art to embellish a bare wall. Also, consider a wall clock by Harold Feinstein. His photography is featured on the face of his clocks, and they are absolutely beautiful. Visit, and search for his blue butterfly wall clock. It would look absolutely beautiful in a light azure kitchen. The bright sapphire butterfly will become the focal point of the room.

Decorate a Light Blue Kitchen with Forget-Me-Not Flowers

When looking for theme ideas for a light blue kitchen, consider one of the most beautiful flowers of all. The forget-me-not flower is one of the only true blue blooms, and it would look lovely in a light blue kitchen. Make the forget-me-not the main subject of the room. Buy high-quality fabric forget-me-not flowers in beautiful sky-blue, and embellish a bare wall with a painted vase of blooms. This is one of the loveliest kitchen theme options, and it is one of the most unique as well.

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