The Temptations: In Steps Louis Price

by on February 18th, 2015
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For some reason many people loves to write in articles that the Temptations years, at Atlantic Records was a failure. But was it really? Or similar to many Motown artist that signed to other labels after leaving Motown for other venture that their new label never comprehend the ways to market the group. And, this just might have been the case with the Temptations.

After all, they had the Spinners, as their biggest soul act at the time. What they couldn’t accomplish under Berry Gordy? They excel with Atlantic. While the Temps couldn’t rise any greater although on their BareBack Album they worked, with Holland Dozier production which should have cemented them upon the chart. By this time the Temptations membership were Richard Street, Glenn Carl, Leonard,Melvin Franklin, Otis Williams and Louis Price. Who could hold his own against some of the greats that held the baritone slot, of being a primary vocalist of the Temptations?

Mister Louis Price was still in his twenties when he joined the Temptations during their Atlantic Records years. Still, by visiting Youtube which showcase the Temptations performing on Soundstage in Chicago you can witness him handling old and new tunes that the man he replace Dennis Edwards made his legendary status on.

In the Tradition of the Classic Five sixties unit and the Dynamic Five seventies unit this late seventies Atlantic units could dance just as great. Especially, Louis Price, as the newest member, of the group. And, he was apart of the unit that appeared on Soultrain singing a song off the second album they recorded for Atlantic Records that was co-written by a future Temptations known as Ron Tyson. A song called “In A Life Time” that has some of the best harmony featuring the Tempations.To be truthfully Ron Tyson’s cowrote seven of the nine tunes on the “Here To Tempt You” album which was produced by Norman Harris, Ron Baker and Young production team.

Or shall, we say the Temptations was trying to match the style of the O’jays , by having a new update style that was reflecting different , from the Motown’s sound. As, we know the writers of this production wwas another sector of the sound of Philly that controlled the soul charts, with hits by Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, and Teddy Pendergrass and others. On both albums that they recorded or Atlantic Records you get an opportunity to see the way Otis Williams blends in greatly on songs, with newcomer Louis Price

We can’t figure out why he never stayed with the Temptations when they rejoined Motown, unless Berry Gordy dictated to Williams that this was the only way he would re-accept them back, at Motown, at the time. Of course this is speculative on this writers part.

Could Louis Price handle singing “Power” that was Edwards joy song about rejoining the Temptations in 1980? Possible. Because he could always turn in a wonderful interpretation, of “A Song For You” that cemented songs we usually states belongs to certain primary vocalist of the Temptations. Louis Price might not get the credit he deserves, as a Temptations singer.

But, he never has to wonder if he was accepted because in all honesty he was worthy, of being selected to be a member. Even, if it was on Atlantic Records. I think, he motivated the other members to step up their game in the group when he was with them during his duration.

And, credit must be giving to the fictional movie the Temptations, which has more inaccuracy. Because it has been alleged that he supplied the voices of Edwards and Ruffin in the movies. I admit clarification might be needed concerning which one he vocalized.

A Temptation’s Forever. Mister Louis Price out of Chicago, at the time.

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