The Muppets; A Must See for All

by on September 16th, 2010
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This weekend I took my family to see the release of The Muppets by Disney in the theater. My family is a pretty diverse age group; I have myself and my wife, mid forties, my two teenage daughters and my young preteen daughter. So I think we represent a diverse age population.

Needless to say, we all loved the muppets. The story line was a simple story of the Muppets getting back together to save their old studio. The movie was filled with song, dancing, laughs and the classic witty muppet one liners. Now family might be a little biased in watching the movie since they have all viewed the classic muppet shows on DVD and they could relate with the characters. However, I think that even someone who is not that familiar with the Muppets could easily enjoy this movie.

For the classic Muppet fans the voices might seem a little off. Frank Oz did not do the voices of Fozzie or Piggy. However, notice how Fozzies eye brows are a little bit greyer then they used to be. Gonzo is also a little bit older looking, along with Piggy. Animal is still Animal.

Jason Siegel and Amy Adams do an excellent job of singing and dancing throughout the movie. They must have had a blast making it because it was so fun to watch. There are lots of cameos from actors ranging from Mickey Rooney to Whoopie Goldberg and Selena Gomez.

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