“The Hangover 2:” Too Much?

by on March 9th, 2015
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Tasteless, profane, and no limits. That was the formula that made up The Hangover, quite possibly the biggest comedy hit almost ever. I enjoyed the first part of the series quite well and found myself laughing frequently. However, when I heard that the second part would be coming out I rolled my eyes- another Hollywood sequel that didn’t need to happen. Against my better judgment, I went in order to prove myself wrong- and didn’t. This movie is indeed another Hollywood sequel that did not need to be made. Story wise, there is only so much you can do with the same kind of premise as the first movie- the guys party so hard they don’t remember anything and find out they did some ridiculous things, including lose a member of their party. Look no further than the story of the first one to see the story of the second. This time Stu is getting married and the guys decide to have a calm bachelor’s bonfire. When they wake up the next morning they’re shaved, tattooed, and missing Stu’s fiance’s brother. They then travel around Bangkok in order to find him and piece together the night. The jokes go to places that did not need to be traveled to in many instances causing me to merely shake my head in disbelief. Now, that’s not to say the movie isn’t funny- I found myself laughing quite a bit, it just is a completely different type of humor than the first one, though the same type of stuff is included. If you are a complete die-hard fan of the first Hangover you will probably enjoy this one a lot, but if you, like me, rolled your eyes at the thought of a sequel you probably should avoid this one.

2.5 out of 5

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