Santa’s Waving Goodbye

by on October 28th, 2010
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I saw the sleight ridin’ high.
I didn’t know it was Santa wavin’ goodbye.
But I should have guess, it was him.
As, he stated he see us again.
At another time.

I saw the elf drivin’ him.
I guess he was tired after deliverin’ all the gifts.
The reindeers all ridin’ in line.
I can tell Santa’s take good care of them.

Because in reality, he does need them.
And, they need him.
Except, it’s his wife you more respect.

For one night of the year.
She’s willin’ to get rid of him.
By lettin’ him be a kid once more.

Who said a woman don’t know how to love?
After all, Jesus share his love every day with us.

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