Remote Control Plane Flying: Tips and Tricks

by on January 22nd, 2011
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Introduction for remote control planes for beginners

Flying remote control planes is a popular hobby all over the world today. You want the right kind of plane for your enjoyment long-term. It’s recommended to be knowledgeable about remote control planes before you have your first take-off. Remote control planes for beginners are flat-out flying fun!

Purchasing remote control plans for beginners

If you are just starting out with flying remote control planes as a hobby, find a plane that assembles easily; ideally with snap-on parts, with a radio control already set up for you to operate. Optimally, the “aero bird” style of aircraft is a perfect beginner plane. It is convenient to put together, with a one-wing piece design, and a special transmitter. It is stable, sturdy, and reliable for even tough landings. Remote control planes for beginners are so much entertainment for all ages.

Training to fly remote control planes for beginners

For your first remote control plane, I recommend not to get fast plane. Get a slower model, and learn mastery of the controls. It is better, also, to have an experienced remote control plane pilot to train you. Usually, there’s and experienced pilot who will be happy, as a flying enthusiast, to teach you the basics. Before that first take-off, educate yourself on all the controls, and read the manual that comes with it. With your remote control plane for beginners powered on, but on the floor, try out the controls that give it different movements, such as turns, pitches and rolls. This will be an investment for your flying fun, and for any problem situations requiring quick maneuvering later on. Once you know the planes pieces’ movements, you can try your remote control plane for beginners at high altitudes, trying out the remote control sticks that make it pitch and roll. Gradually, build your skill until you can do such maneuvers as nose dives. Warning! You can replace plane parts, but not YOUR parts! Never attempt to catch your remote control planes for beginners.

Conclusion – Make friends with other remote control planes enthusiasts

Once flying remote control planes for beginners has been mastered, it’s great to find other enthusiasts. From your neighborhood hobby-and – crafts store, you can set up group get-togethers regularly. Post invitations on the store’s bulletin board, and even advertise at internet sites. If you talk about your flying fun with others, you will not only make new friends in the hobby, but you will grow in skill as a remote control plane pilot and mechanic. Remote control planes for beginners will be adventurous and exciting while sharing experiences with new friends!


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