Remedies to Reverse Gray Hair or Slow Its Formation

by on October 10th, 2010
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Graying of the hair is a natural occurrence for many as they grow older. Many think that there is no way back after going gray, with the exception of chemical dyes or wigs. While going gray is not a “bad” thing, many would prefer to keep their natural color for a little longer. Reversing gray hair or at least slowing down it formation is entirely possible. Learn how what causes gray hair, health problems that can cause premature graying of the hair and remedies that can reverse its appearance.

What Causes Gray Hair

Gray hair is caused by the degeneration of pigment cells which are responsible for giving hair its color. When the pigment cells, also referred to as melanocytes, fail to produce color, the result is gray hair. Lifespan of melanocytes primarily depend on genes and hereditary. There is a strong possibility that your melanocytes will stop functioning around the same age that your parents or grandparents did.

While aging is the major cause of getting gray hair, other factors can contribute to premature failure of melanocytes. The following conditions have been linked to premature graying of the hair:

Smoking cigarettes Lack of copper Lack of zinc Vitamin B-12 deficiency Disorders of the thyroid Early menopause Stress

To stop premature graying of the hair, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you currently smoke, it may be a good time to quit. Ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of copper, zinc and Vitamin B-12 in your daily diet. Visit your physician on a regular basis to treat chronic conditions and to help in the prevention of new health problems. Manage stress properly and take charge of your life.

Remedies for Gray Hair

Many people have had success in the reverse of graying hair by taking supplements and other natural remedies. The following natural treatments for gray hair have been proven successful by some individuals.

Blackstrap molasses: This calcium-rich treatment is reported effective if taking on a routine basis for several months. It can be used to strengthen the kidneys which are important for cell function, including that of the hair follicles.

Indian gooseberry: Also referred to as Amla, it has been used to prevent graying of the hair.

Polygonum muliflorum: This supplement can be used to reverse graying of the hair. Seek permission from a physician before you begin as it can have some adverse side effects.

Bee pollen: This can be used as a preservation method for graying of the hair.

Commercial shampoos: Look for brands that can help in the reverse of gray hair or aid in the prevention of gray hair.

Where you live and the climate in which you live can also have an impact on your hair and scalp. Proper circulation to the hair and scalp is essential for nutrients to reach these areas of the body. To improve circulation to the head, participate in daily exercise to get the blood flowing. Perform scalp massages with your fingertips for 5 to 10 minutes each day. Consider using a sauna or steamer to improve circulation.

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