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by on August 29th, 2010
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One of the biggest things preschool learners will learn before they enter kindergarten are letters. This is a fun fall game that you can easily create with construction paper, fall pictures, and markers. Create this game to help them learn the letters and fall items that start with the same letter.


Paper Leaves (cut your own or pick up some from the local dollar store)
Fall Word Pictures (draw your own or use free clip art images)
2 Baskets (one for leaves and one for pictures)


Cut out leaves (one for each picture). Write the starting letter of each picture on each leaf. Place leaves in a basket.

Prepare pictures and then place in the second basket.

Early letter learners – write word on picture.
Know letters – write word without the first letter.
Advanced letter learners – leave pictures without words.

How to play the game:

The first child will pull a leaf out of the basket. They should say the letter on the leaf. They will then remove a picture from the picture basket. They should say if the letter and picture match. The goal is to match all the leaves to all the pictures.

Memory Game Version Option:

Create into a memory game. Write letters on square of paper the same size as the pictures or glue the leaves onto rectangles of paper. Turn all the squares face down. The children would take turns flipping over the squares. The goal is to match the letters to the proper pictures.

Enjoy and have fun helping your preschoolers learn their letters.

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