Physical Illness Can Bring on Depression

by on September 1st, 2010
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Previously published in Examiner

If you are a Montrealer who is trying to recover from depression, you know all too well how hard it can be. Depression is not something that can just be willed away. Staying alone and isolating yourself only makes the depression worse. Reaching out for support is important, whether it be to family or friends; or if you have severe depression, you must seek therapy to help you through these trying times.

Here are some of tips to help you through your depression and onto a better life.

Researcher have long known that the mind and body work together, when one is ill the other one generally is not performing at its best.

Depression is a mood, but this psychological issue can also go hand in hand with body aches and pains. Furthermore, headaches, migraines,and severe health issues can also cause depression. Make sure you work with your doctor, counsellor, and other health professionals who can help treat your aches and pains and cure your depression.

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Interested individuals can seek hospital services and outpatient clinics around the city


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