Packers at Chargers: Final Thoughts

by on March 7th, 2015
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Some thoughts from the Packers win over the San Diego Chargers this past Sunday:

At the end of the first quarter, the Packers had 21 points on the board despite Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense having just one possession. That’s the way Dom Capers’ defenses are supposed to play.

One concern I have for the Packers’ defense heading into the second half of the season is the linebackers’ pass covering ability. The defense always seems to struggle against talented tight ends (like Antonio Gates) and assigning Charles Woodson in coverage isn’t always going to be the best option; especially if a team has an explosive wide receiver too.

It will be a while before we know if starting safety Nick Collins will be able to resume his NFL career after a neck injury and I’m hopeful he will be able to return. However, if/when he does, the Packers are going to have a tough decision to make in regards to Charlie Peprah. Collins is a better playmaker but Peprah has been solid as a starter and it will be hard to put him back on the bench.

Is there a quarterback past or present that can throw the ball better on the run than Aaron Rodgers? Every time I watch him throw while his feet are still moving, I can’t help but be amazed by both his arm strength and accuracy.

I do think, however, he was holding onto the ball a little long in this game; a big part of the reason he took 4 sacks. If nobody is open, he needs to throw the ball away.

Speaking of Rodgers, that was an interesting point made during the game about how he “prolongs” receivers’ careers by not forcing them into situations where they take unnecessary violent hits. I couldn’t tell if that was a compliment aimed at Rodgers or a shot at former quarterback Brett Favre.

I might be wrong on this and it might have just been the camera angle. But, on Peprah’s first interception, that sure looked a heck of a lot like a violent horse collar by Antonio Gates on Packers’ linebacker Desmond Bishop. If it was, I sure hope the league catches it and fines him.

Is there any particular reason why the Packers felt the need to use Charles Woodson as a kickoff returner in the fourth quarter? It seems like an unnecessary injury risk involving one of the team’s best defensive players considering it didn’t gain them much in terms of field position.

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