My Long Battle with Endometriosis

by on March 7th, 2015
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Eight years ago, I went to the gynecologist to be seen for an ever increasing amount of pain in my pelvic area. After several tests, with no evidence lending an answer to solve my problem, the Doctor recommended that I have a laparoscopic surgery. This procedure would involve two small incisions on my lower abdomen through which, the Doctor would insert a small camera to visually see if there was a reason for my pain. The result was a positive diagnosis for endometriosis.

During that first laparoscopic procedure, the Doctor said that he went ahead and removed all of the endometrial tissue that he found. However, a few months went by and the same pain returned. In the same year, I went through two more laparoscopic procedures. The last one resulted in the removal of my left ovary and tube. The pain still persisted. My Doctor then decided to try Lupron depot for treatment. This injection would stop my menstruation and remove or disable my hormones in an attempt to kill the endometrial growth activity. After a short time without my hormones, I would be given a hormone replacement or add back therapy to bring my hormones back. Basically it was like going through menopause, followed by going through puberty. I did this twice, in a years’ time, at 25 years old. The hormone replacement therapy never seemed to get me back on track with how I felt before all of this started. So, the doctor placed me on a birth control pill that would help to regulate my hormones. After all of this, he told me that my chances of conceiving were zero to negative. It’s never going to happen, you are damaged for life!

For a lot of women, this is devastating news. However in my case it was a little different. I already had a son before all of this started. So I took my diagnosis with ease. At least I have a child; some women never conceive.

Fast forward a few years and I have three children! Believe it or not, my husband and I met, fell in love and had our first daughter together almost a year to the exact date of our first time meeting each other. Our second daughter came just two years later. It is hard to believe that I was diagnosed as unable to conceive, I only had one ovary that was still plagued with endometriosis and I was using a daily oral contraceptive for my hormone therapy. In my doctors words “how the hell did this happen? This is a medical mystery or a medical miracle.”

No matter what your diagnosis is or how impossible your situation may seem, there is hope. Miracles happen every day.

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