My Experience Shopping for My First Guitar, at Fifty Years Old

by on March 27th, 2014
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The Best Local Guitar Shop in Indianapolis

Recently I had to find a good, moderately priced guitar. Economic times being what they are, price was an object. I know there are some good, small guitar shops in Indianapolis so I asked around. After talking to several experienced musicians I settled on a store that is actually part of a chain, Sam Ash. It was a very good choice.

The large store offers more than guitars but they wisely have a shop within a shop. There in a very large, well lit and not at all crowded shop is an equally well appointed guitar shop. In the main store a large guitar display greets customers. It is a fair representation of the available wares. From the low priced and common to the more expensive, one might conclude that this display was all that Sam Ash had to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While perusing the display I was approached by a salesperson. I had thought about an inexpensive Yamaha. It was a sturdy feeling, not unattractive guitar and it sounded fine to my terrible ears. He did not dissuade me from buying the Yamaha but did steer me to the guitar room. Through the large doors awaited a guitar lover’s paradise. Guitar lover – string lover. From every inch of wall hung guitars, mandolins, banjoes, dobros, ukuleles and every possible accessory, attachment, geegaw, thingamajig and accoutrement one could imagine and some one could not.

Heaven. Best of all, the salesperson guided me to a guitar similar in price to the Yamaha. It was beautiful and richer in tone than its price tag would have suggested. After a brief conversation about my goals as a consumer, price, quality, ease of play(some guitars are much harder to play than others – especially for a clumsy beginner) he selected four other guitars, set up stands on the floor, brought over a stool, invited me to sit and – left – me – alone. Did I say heaven? Heaven. After a half hour of noodling and strumming I decided on a Washburn WD 10s, in black. It was gorgeous in appearance and rich and warm in sound.

I had a great salesperson, a great experience in a very low pressure atmosphere and a good time shopping for a good guitar. Thanks to Sam Ash, I know where I will buy my next guitar.

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