Movie Stand-In Tips – Filling Out Your Daily Pay Sheet

by on December 12th, 2014
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As a movie stand-in, you have numerous responsibilities; however, one of the most important of these is to ensure you properly fill out your daily pay sheet. Depending on the film set you’re working with, this pay sheet may be slightly different; however, every movie I have ever worked on as an extra, featured extra, stand-in and day player I have always had the same pay sheet. Below you will find tips and vital information to ensure you are paid correctly and on-time.

Typically, a film studio will use CAPS Universal as their payment processor for extras, stand-ins and day players. The payment sheet is universal, and even if your production is not using CAPS Universal, the information required will be identical.

Name, SSN and Production Co./Production Title:

One of the first things you will be required to fill out is your name, Social Security Number, production company and the title of the production. In some cases, the production assistant in charge of gathering your daily pay sheet will write out the production company and production title. If this is the case, make sure he writes the correct one.

Marital Status, Basic Wage Rate, Date Worked, Work State and Start/Finish Time

This next section you should ensure you check the appropriate box when it comes to your marital status (for tax purposes), as well as ensure the proper daily wage rage is given. This is vital, as an incorrect daily wage rate will result in not being paid properly. You must also ensure the starting and dismissal time is accurate. There are also other vital sections that should be filled out, if necessary, such as night premium, mileage, wardrobe, fitting and whether or not you worked in a wet or smoky environment (both of which offer higher pay).

Mailing Address and Phone Number:

It is vital that you write your current mailing address and phone number in the designated spot. These pay sheets are sent to the payroll company, and if you incorrectly write your address, or write so it is unclear as to what the words are, you may not receive your pay. And while working on a film set as a stand-in is fun, it is ultimately about the pay.

If you have any questions about your daily pay sheet, please ask your production assistant. He is knowledgeable about this process, and will be able to quickly and accurately answer your questions. When it comes to pay, never leave any stone unturned.

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