Madonna Vs. Lady GaGa

by on August 17th, 2013
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Get a grip, face it, you’re old. It happens to all of us. Yes, Madonna is still a major talent, but talents like Lady GaGa are now taking center stage. It’s sad when a mega super star like Madonna shows how insecure she is by not graciously welcoming new talent to join her circle. No one is drawing attention to her fading star like Madonna herself.

After watching Lady GaGa for a year I realize there is a distinct difference between these two stars. Madonna shocks to bring attention to herself. Lady Gaga shocks to bring attention to a cause. Lady Gaga wants to bring about change. This really sets the two apart. Recently in an interview, Madonna was asked how she felt about Lady GaGa’s music. She told the interviewer that Lady GaGa was “reductive” which means minimal or reduced. Madonna has gone as far as to accuse Lady Gaga of copying her music. She claims Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” is similar to her song “Express Yourself.” To prove her point Madonna recently preformed “Express Yourself” then smoothly transitioned into “Born This Way.” Did she prove her point? Does it matter that the songs may sound alike?

Lady Gaga openly admits to admiring Madonna and to Madonna’s influence on the younger star as she was growing up (ouch). In turn Lady Gaga is also very aware that she influences young fans and makes an effort to be a positive role model. She cherishes her young “Little Monster Fans.” Her song “Born This Way” addresses the bullying of people who are gay, but is relevant for anyone who feels they are not accepted by society for whatever reason.

Lady Gaga shocks, but she is secure enough in her talent and her causes to step out of character when appropriate. Her special with Tony Bennett is a perfect example. In the special she had a global stage, yet she stepped back and let her co-host take center stage. Her dress for the show was creative, yet respectfully subdued. She didn’t need to prove anything and she knew it. That is where she differs from Madonna.

No one can argue or take away from Madonna’s achievements; however it is beneath her to belittle a younger singer. Madonna should embrace Lady GaGa, and be honored to have played a large part in making it possible for young stars like Lady GaGa to be taken seriously now.

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