Labored Time

by on October 5th, 2014
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“Shut the door!” Exclaims Dirk, as he fumbles with his sheath to get his katana free from its grip.
“Do you think?” Fires back Feke, slamming the door and bracing his full wait against it.

The next instant Feke’s resistance is thrown back as a barrage of swords flashes into the small room at the inn. Stumbling to gain balance once more, Feke draws his orb to defend from the sword coming straight at his defenseless forearm. He fails to do so fast enough, but to his relief Dirk was ready and fends off the first blow with a swift counter of his weapon. Feke decides it’s time to stir the equation to see if their odds might change if a little luck is thrown into the mix. Seeing how they are outnumbered two to one, Feke chants in that odd shallow voice Dirk has come accustom to over the past few months. As Feke finishes, a green light flashes around him and stays suspended like an aura. Reaching out to each of the now frightened assailants the light turns into roots that crush the four draconian men to their eternal rest.

Dirk says to Feke “You did not have to do that. I could have taken them. Besides, you need your energy when we get to the forest just a nights walk ahead. There is no telling what is in that blasted deep.”
“I know but they were a bit stronger this time, don’t you think?”
“Yes a bit, your forearm was nearly shredded due to that fact.”
“Either way we must get going, there could be more of them and if we don’t reach the forests edge by sun up. We will surely lose the little one.

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